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Skin Surgery

In our Clinic we offer the following surgical procedures:

  1. Skin cancer surgery. It’s the surgical resection of skin cancer or suspicious lesions. We treat basal cell carcinoma and spinous cell carcinoma.
  1. Nevi Surgery (moles). Moles are just benign lesions with multiple characteristics: consistency, elevations, size and color. Theoretically any nevus has the ability to become malign (that means to become cancerous) and the most important fact is that skin cancer may initiate as an asymptomatic lesion with a great similitude to nevi. The patients confuse both lesions as well as non dermatologist doctors. The nevus surgery can be performed based on medical reasons (it might be a cancer) or for aesthetic reasons.
  1. Cysts and skin tumor surgery. Cysts are lesions that appear very frequently on head, face, neck and thorax. They are benign although aesthetically unacceptable lesions, thus we suggest surgery should be done as soon as possible to enhance results. Lipomas and fibrolipomas are benign cutaneous tumors that contain adipose cells (fat) and they generally are asymptomatic. Surgery is not recommended unless they cause pain or discomfort or simply are an aesthetical concern to the pacient.
  1. Nail surgery. In our clinic we perform different types of corrective surgeries to treat diseases such as ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis). It’s important for the patients to come as soon as they detect an ingrown toenail, because this allows us to use less invasive techniques and avoid further complications. For those patients who have thick, brittle nails caused for example by onychomycosis (nail fungus), there is the chemical avulsion of the nail along with topical and/or systemical treatment to cure onychomycosis.
  1. Electrosurgery. It’s an integral and indispensable part of many dermatological procedures and it’s defined as a technique that uses electricity to burn, coagulate or cut the tissue. Electrosurgery is suitable for: common warts, genital warts (venereal warts), fibromas, actinic keratosis, cherry angiomas, etc. It’s virtually painless, because it’s always performed under local anesthesia. It is often a “Lunchtime” procedure, therefore the patients are able to continue with their normal routine immediately after performed. In our clinic we provide you with the most advanced equipment, such as Hyfrecator 2000, considered as one of the most safest devices and at the same time with the highest technology around the world.
  1. Biopsy. A Biopsy is a medical test involving the removal of cells or tissues for examination. There are several types of cutaneous biopsies: punch biopsy, shave biopsy; incisional biopsy and excisional biopsy. The best technique is always chosen for each patient. To achieve that we first make an evaluation of the presumptive diagnosis, we analyze the anatomic area and the characteristics of the skin and of course the expected cosmetic outcome.
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  • Skin Cancer

    It’s the surgical resection of skin cancer or suspicious lesions. We treat basal cell carcinoma and spinous cell carcinoma.

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