Sometimes, a minor skin condition that can be described in words or shown in a photograph is possible to diagnose and treat. Dr. Lopez recognizes that it might not always be necessary for someone to visit the dermatology office, and that helping a patient by email may actually be a higher standard of care since it can reduce your cost and stress.

The fee of BZ $75 (US $38) is small; just enough to help cover the cost of providing the service. Payment can be made by bank transfer (in Belize) or by Paypal (US dollar account).

  • Q: What happens if the doctor can’t diagnose or treat me without an office visit?
  • A: In that case, the payment will be applied to an in-office consultation.
  • Q: How do I pay?
  • A: The doctor will send you a link for Paypal or for a bank deposit.
  • Q: What about follow-up?
  • A: Dr. Lopez would be happy to answer questions related to your treatment and will recommend a follow-up schedule.

Please follow these instructions and do not omit anything. The doctor will reply to you via email, text or WhatsApp. Please take some photos and have them ready to send if possible.