More commonly known as sun spots, melasma has an asymptomatic and chronic evolution, with the appearance of light brown to darker spots mostly in the face area, and it is intensified through the exposition to solar light, pregnancy, anticonceptive pills and with the use of certain cosmetic products.

It affects all races, but it’s more frequent in tropical regions. It’s more frequent in women between 30 and 45 years, but it can affect men and boys too. It occurs in 66% of pregnant women, and it diminishes or disappears after labour; one third of the cases it remains in an indefinite way.

One can treat Melasma with different applied substances or even with chemical dermoexfoliation (peeling), but no treatment will be effective if the patient doesn’t protect himself from solar light with using physical (hat, cap) or chemical (sunblock) ways. An improvement can be observed in average after 3 months of treatment.

The use of natural substances and other pharmaceutical products have a risk of causing contact dermatitis (burns), white spots or even darker spots; the guide and supervision of a specialist (dermatologist) is recommended. The Dermatologist should investigate the possible causes of the spots, the type of skin of the person, the time of evolution, previous treatments, etc; to finally prescribe the ideal treatment, which will be different for each patient .

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