Myths about acne.

You think you know everything there is to know about acne? You would be surprised to know that many things people say about acne, what’s it’s cause and how to treat it, are really wrong!

Myth #1: Getting tanned improves your skin.

Reality: Although a tan could mask temporarily acne, sun causes irritation and dryness in the skin, which leads to successive future acne outbreaks. As a matter of fact there is no link between acne prevention and sun exposure, worse the solar rays could cause premature aging and cancer. Protect your skin every time you go outdoors with a sunblock with a minimum SPF of 15 and that it doesn’t clog your pores (non comedogenic).

Myth #2: Chocolate and greasy food cause acne.

Reality: Well, eating sugars and fat is never a good idea, but research studies have demonstrated that no food has a proven effect of causing acne, but don’t forget everyone is different. Some people have notice they get acne after the ingestion of certain meals, and these vary with every person. For instance some people develop acne after eating lots of chocolate but some other after drinking several cups of coffee. If this is your case, it might help if you stop eating those foods and check if this makes your acne better.

Myth #3: The more you wash your face, the less acne you will have.

Reality: Washing your face helps to get rid of dust and oils that could clog your pores, but if you do this to frequently your skin dries and irritates, ending in acne outbreak. It’s convenient if you can avoid rubbing your face; this only irritates your skin. As a general rule, wash your face twice a day with water and a mild soap in a circular movement and dry it lightly once you are finished.

Myth #4: Extracting a pimple disappears the acne.

Reality: Extracting a pimple makes you think that it’s gone, but it really stays for a longer time. When you try to extract a pimple by pushing your skin, you actually push bacteria deeper into your skin causing swelling, redness and also brown o red scarring. Sometimes these marks take months to disappear and real scars (when you push your skin very hard) are permanent.

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