Cold Sores: how to prevent and how to attenuate!

Oral (labial) herpes is a viral infection characterized by vesicles or erosions that appear on lips or mouth angles, it is also known as “cold sores”. It is usually caused by one of the herpes virus (the HSV-1) which in most cases is not sexually transmitted). Once you have the virus this one remains in your organism, hence you could get this labial lesions on and off during your life. You can find here different ways to prevent these lesions (or avoid recurrence):

?Avoid contracting initial infection by not sharing lip balms o lip protectors, toothbrush or even drinks with persons who might be infected with the virus. The virus that produces the labial herpes is transmitted through the saliva and through direct contact with the skin.

? The people who have already caught the infection know it can be reactivated with sun exposure, by stressful situations or when the person gets ill (in some women it appears during menstrual period too!) Another good reason to exercise your body frequently, acquire good eating habits, get a good sleep and use sunblock!

If you already have a labial herpes follow these tips to diminish your symptoms: ? If the sores are painful take acetaminophen or ibuprofen.


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